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1.Water ______ at 100 degrees Celsius.
a) boiling b)boils c)is boiling d)boil
2. Bettina usually ______ television in the evening.
a)watches b)watching c)watch d) has watched
3.Rosemary ______ to agree with us now.
a)is appearing b)appear c)appeared d)appears
4.Look! That man ______ your bike!
a) is stealing b)steals c)stealing d)stolen
5.I’m sorry I ______ to do my homework yesterday.
a)am forgetting b)have forgotten c)forgot d)forget
6.We ______ any interesting films lately.
a)didn’t see b)haven’t seen c)saw d)have seen
7.Eric _____ a flat yet, so he’s still living with his parents.
a)found b)didn’t find c)is finding d)hasn’t found
8. They _____ running their own company in 1980.
a)started b)have started c)are starting d)start
9.She’s a law student and she ______ for four years now.
a)studied b)is studing c)has been studing d)did study
10. I think I _____ my door key. I can’t find it any where.
a)lost b)have lost c)am losing d)will lose
11.The film _____ when we arrived at the cinema.
a)has bedun b)begun c)had begun d)begins
12.I wasn’t thirsty because I _____ some milk.
a)drunk b)have just drunk c)just drank d)had just drunk
13. When the match was over , the spectator ______ home.
a)went b)had gone c)were going d)have gone
14.After having a bath, he _____ his supper.
a)had eaten b)ate c)has eaten d)was eating
15.The phone _____ suddenly while Joanne was doing the housework.
a)rang b)was ringing c)had rung d)is ringing
16.It _____ as we drove slowly along the road.
a)had snowed b)had snowed c)was snowing d)is snowing
17.Mrs Edwards _____ history for 35 years, and is retiring soon.
a)teaches b)is teaching c)taught d)has been teaching
18.Did you see John yesterday? He _____ a very old pair of jeans.
a)wears b)didn’t wear c)was wearing d)wore
19. Victoria _____ for half an hour when the doctor finally arrived.
a)has been waiting b)had been waiting c)was waiting d)has waited
20.Anita _____ very hard at the moment.
a)is studing b)studies c)studied d)has studied

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